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SPARKLE Love Glitter Globe by Robert Indiana

SPARKLE Love Glitter Globe by Robert Indiana

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  • Glass Glitter Snow Globe
  • Love by Robert Indiana
  • This snow globe features one of Indiana's more popular color ways, red outside and violet inside, which is featured at several art institutions internationally. This Snow Globe comes safely and beautifully packaged in a custom LOVE box, perfect for gifting.  

  • Care and cleaning: Keep your globe out of direct sunlight. Sunlight shining through the water acts as a magnifier and can cause a fire.  Sunlight can also cause the water to discolor. Dust with a soft cloth. Glass cleaner is fine on the globe. The liquid in the globes is purified water with glycol added to prevent freezing. Anti-bacterial is also added to keep the liquid clear. While the liquid in the globe is safe for humans externally, it should not be ingested. CoolSnowGlobes are made of glass and are not toys for children.  


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